Kush Seeds Australia

Kush Seeds Australia

Kush Cannabis Seeds

What is Kush?

“Kush” in recent years has become a synonym for marijuana. On the other hand, for the more experienced cannabis cultivators, the kush we are referring to is a family of cannabis seeds that find their origin from the Hindu Kush mountains, bordering between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kush plants are well known in the cannabis community for their versatility, adaptability, resilience, and for their prolonged sedative effects, which usually culminate with laugher and jolly. 

Kush - Medical cannabis

Essentially, kush strains make you feel as if all of your problems are a million miles away, nothing can go wrong, and also like it would be entirely okay if all you did today was take a nap. Does that sound as good to you as it does to us? Kush sativa strains are a rare breed as kush is naturally Indica dominant because of its natural climate. Its Indica dominance is why kush effectively elicits the sleepy, relaxed, and calming effects in its users. Our kush seeds come from the most popular strains, often used in the medical community because of their ability to lower inflammation and to produce sought-after analgesic effects.







Why Choose Marijuana Seeds Aussie?

Our kush seeds in Australia come from commonly used strains of kush. So, if an unbridled sense of calm, and serenity is what you are after, you should be glad you chose Marijuana Seeds Aussie. The kush seeds you will find in our catalog are dedicated to alleviating stress and anxiety and promoting a happy attitude. Our kush will best serve you when you have some extra time to spare, or when you need a good toke from your wax pen, as you may feel the corresponding sense of calm is all consuming (in a good way!).

If you need kush seeds delivered to you in Australia, Marijuana Seeds Aussie is at your service. Our kush seeds are the cream of the crop. We carry strains like OG Kush Autoflowering, Banana Kush Feminized, and Blackberry Kush Feminized.


What Does Feminized Kush Mean?


While not all of our kush seeds are feminized, most of them are. Here at Marijuana Seeds Aussie, if we say a seed is feminized, it means it came straight from the mother. Female plants produce female seeds that produce more female plants. The yields are always just as impressive as the ones of the plants that came before them, leading to generations of abundance! One of the most renown hybrid strains of kush is OG Kush. We carry both OG Kush Autoflowering and OG Kush Feminized.



Buy the highest quality Cannabis seeds at the cheapest prices, all with free, ‘stealth’ postage, guaranteed delivery and germination, as well as all the help and support you need from seed to harvest.

What Is Autoflowering Kush?

At Marijuana Seeds Aussie, our OG Kush is thus called because they can grow pretty well on their own, as long as they have the basic elements like water, light, good quality soil, etc. Our autoflowering kush seeds are ideal for beginners because they will begin to flower based on their age and not based on the amount of sunlight they receive. So, if you are still learning to grow, but want more kush in your life, be sure to check out our OG Kush Autoflower.

Classic Kush Seeds Australia

OG Kush has held the title for the best strain of kush for quite some time now. That is why we at Marijuana Seeds Aussie have elected to carry it in both autoflowering and feminized varieties. This strain first bloomed in Florida, when a regular old strain from Northern California crossed paths with a Hindu Kush plant and they fell in love. The top five kush strains in the world are as follows:

Afghan Marijuana Strain
Marijuana Seeds
babba kush Kush Seeds Australia

All of these strains vary in the effects they produce and in their potency. This is so because of their varying cannabinoid and terpene content. Generally speaking, when encountering a breed of Kush, you can expect to experience:

  • Euphoric effects
  • Introspective and profound thoughts
  • Sedative-like effects

Kush is a favorite for a reason. If you have yet to try it, or have yet to try growing it, give it a go with some our Marijuana Seeds Aussie kush seeds. The resulting mental and physical highs will be well worth the investment.

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