Best High Yield Outdoor Strains

Best High Yield Outdoor Strains

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When you are growing marijuana and want the best yield, grow your plants outdoors. The spectrum of natural sunlight is impossible to replicate indoors. As such your outdoor plants will be more vigorous and have higher yields. They will also produce marijuana with a better aroma as well as better THC and CBD yields.

If you want the most marijuana for your investment in seeds, growing out of doors is the key. Growing outdoors is also cheaper. You are not paying for electricity to give your plants sunlight. You are not setting up hydroponics, timers, and the rest of the equipment needed for indoor growing.

And, for that matter, you are not giving up a room of your home in order to grow pot. Natural sunlight, soil (instead of a plastic container), and rainwater all help your plants achieve their maximum potential.

But, that maximum potential always depends on the strains that you use. What strains will give you the highest yield? We can help you decide which strains are the best for you and send your seeds to you anywhere in Australia from the ILGM seed bank.


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Top 8 Highest Yielding Strains

To start with, which cannabis strains tend to give the best yields? Which require the least care and which ones require more care and attention, even when you are growing outdoors? You may love puttering around with your plants, but you probably do not want to spend hours every day caring for outdoor marijuana plants.

The top 8 highest yielding strains are Super Skunk, Chocolope, Super Silver Haze, Amnesia Haze, Strawberry Kush, Sour Diesel, Northern Lights, and Gold Leaf.

However, while you want high yield, you also want a strain with specific qualities. As such you need to consider that along with high yield. And, even when you grow your cannabis outdoors, you cannot just throw the seeds on the ground and forget about them. Here are the things that you need to consider.

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Growing your weed outdoors is a lot less complicated than indoor growing. You don’t need to maintain a sterile environment of pay for artificial lighting. You only need to water your plants if it does not rain! Otherwise, nature takes care of much of what you need, but not everything.

You will have fewer space limitations if you grow outdoors and, because you can space your plants farther apart, you will have fewer issues with plant diseases. This generally leads to higher yields per plant than when growing indoors. But, you will still get better and more reliable yields if you invest in feminized seeds. Not only go you get complete germination but feminized seeds tend to do better with unexpected changes in the weather over the growing season.

Marijuana grows well throughout in Australia. Be sure that you are aware of the laws in your state regarding growing pot. And, follow the general guidelines for planting, maintaining, and harvesting crops in your area to get the best cannabis yield.


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Choosing the Right Cannabis Seeds for Your Area

The cannabis strains in our top 8 list can all produce excellent yields for growers. However, some marijuana strains do a lot better with lots of sun and warmth while others are more tolerant of cool but temperate climates.

If the weather in your area is a bit extreme at times, be careful in choosing your marijuana strain.

Here is also where you will want to decide about using feminized seeds to guarantee highest yields or auto-flowering seeds to make two harvests in one season a possibility.

Because outdoor growing gives you more space, you may want to consider more than one strain, ordered separately or in a mixed seed pack. This gives you the possibility of trying more than one strain of cannabis and having a little protection against the possibility that your favorite strain will not grow well in your area.





Choosing Where to Plant Your Outdoor Cannabis

Although marijuana grows in virtually any kind of soil, it likes lots of water and sunlight. Choose a location with lots of sun and one where any excess water will be able to drain away. Although most outdoor marijuana is grown right in the ground, you can also plant your seeds in large pots to place on a balcony or patio. Just make sure the pots provide enough root space for your plants and allow excess water to drain out.

Remember that marijuana needs dark at night as well as lots of sunlight during the day. Choose any area to grow your cannabis away from bright outdoor lighting. 

How Do Growers Achieve Large Yields

Although you can grow pot in the northern tier of Australia, you will be confronted with a shorter and often-cooler growing season. If this is the case, you may consider using a greenhouse set up in the earliest months.

Open the doors and windows and let the weather in during midsummer and then close up to extend your season into the fall. Use a space heater when necessary to keep temperatures up as your plants are blossoming.

Timing Your Outdoor Grow of Cannabis

Unlike growing pot indoors, where you control the seasons, growing marijuana outdoors requires that you follow the seasons. Plan ahead and order your cannabis seeds in the winter or no later than early spring in your growing area. This is especially important in Northern states with short growing seasons or when you buy auto-flowering seeds and want enough time to grow two crops.


Early spring or late winter Order your outdoor marijuana seeds
Early spring Time to sprout your seeds, indoors if necessary to protect from frost
Spring and Summer Feeds, water, and check out your plants
Early Summer Plant a second round of auto flowers if you are going that route
Late Summer to Early Fall Harvest plants and enjoy the bounty


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Care and Feeding of Outdoor Marijuana Plants

Growing cannabis for best yield outdoors is a lot less intense than indoor growing. But, you do need to pay attention between when you plant the seeds and when you harvest your crop. You may want to fertilize your crop if your soil is not as rich as you might like.

Make sure to use a plant food that is appropriate for growing cannabis. If you find bugs on your plants or plant diseases, you will need to treat these infestations. Again, make sure to use products that are as natural as possible and appropriate for treating marijuana plants.

If you live in a dry climate, make sure that you plant in a location where you can easily water your plants when needed. If you get lots of rain, make sure to plant in a location where water does not puddle up around your plants. And, space your plants far enough apart so that they are not prone to mold buildup.

Harvest and Save Your Marijuana Crop

As the growing season comes to a close, pay close attention to your plants. One of the keys to getting the best yield is harvesting your marijuana at the right time. This also means you need to be ready to dry and cure your harvest. 

Even though you grow your plants outdoors, you need a protected area to cure your cannabis crop. Curing involves drying your buds at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit and fifty percent humidity. If your climate is right for this, you only need a covered area to hang up your plants and protect them from the rain as they dry as rid themselves of the “fresh hay” and “cut grass” smell that is commonly found with buds that have just been harvested.

Make sure to space well when drying to avoid bacteria or mold growth. The best results are to let the buds dry out over about three days to a week in a well-ventilated area to help avoid mold or bacteria buildup. You want to start this process as soon as you harvest. That means having a place arranged in advance and close enough to where you are growing to avoid too much running back and forth.

And, if you go the next step of storing your buds in mason jars, you need to have that space set up as well and close to your growing area.

When you grow marijuana indoors, all of this can be done in one location. When you grow outdoors, it pays to plan in advance so that your setup does not end up being inefficient, wasteful, or subject to theft of your buds once they have been harvested because your growing area and everything are out and away from when you live and work!


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Top 8 High Yielding Strains

What are the qualities of the top 8 high yielding strains? Here is a snapshot of what you get with each of the top 8.


Strain Qualities Yield
Gold Leaf Indica-dominant hybrid (60% indica, 40% sativa)
Easy to grow
Large plants with big buds, up to 7 feet tall
Gives a strong high
Highest Yields
Northern Lights Pure indica strain
Disease and mold-resistant, sturdy plants
Number 5 of this group has the most potency
Use feminized seeds for most reliable harvest
Impressive yields
Sour Diesel Sativa-dominant (90% sativa-10% indica)
Strong high with enhanced creativity
Often used for relief of anxiety, depression, fatigue
Very pungent 
Impressive yields
Strawberry Kush Dank and fruity smell
High is very well-balanced
Flowering time:
Great for anxiety and stress
Great yields
Amnesia Haze Sativa-dominant (80%-20%)
Potent THC at up to 22%, lower CBD (<1%)
Good for migraine, mood swings, depression, chronic pain
Fresh fruity taste but tends to give you a dry mouth
Great yields
Super Silver Haze Sativa dominant (80%-20%)
Long-lasting, strong high
THC in the 18-23% range
Helps folks with chronic depression, fatigue, stress, headaches, and appetite loss
Spicy, herbal, citrus flavor
Very good yields
Chocolope Sativa-dominant
Tall plants with broad leaves and dense flowers
Flowers in 56 to 63 days
Easy to grow for beginners
Very nice yields
Super Skunk The second indica-dominant strain in our list (35% sativa, 65% indica)
Relaxing high with “skunky” smell
Great for pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety
Both THC levels (up to 19%) and CBD levels (0.26 % to 2.4%) are quite variable
Dry mouth very common
Very nice yields


Best Outdoor Strain for High Yield

So, how do you choose the best outdoor strain for high yield? Our snapshot of the top eight gets you started but you need a bit more information in order to make the best choice. Here is more information, starting with our number eight pick and working up to number one.

Super Skunk Feminized Strain


8: Super Skunk

Super Skunk is loved for a skunky strong smell and very relaxing effects. This is an indica-dominate strain with a ratio of as high as 90% indica. If you are growing pot to help treat depression, poor appetite, anxiety, depression, or just everyday stress, this is a good choice. Your CBD levels will vary quite a bit from a quarter of a percent to two and a half percent, while THC levels will generally be high and more than 19%. If you don’t want cotton mouth, bloodshot eyes, or the possibility of paranoia symptoms, you may want to avoid this strain despite its high yield possibilities

  • Feminized plants
  • Indica-dominant, up to 90%
  • Medium to High THC Level, 16% to 19%
  • Low and somewhat variable CBD levels, quarter percent to two and a half percent
  • Average plant height sixty inches
  • High yield of 18 to 25 ounces per three square feet
  • Does best in a sunny, Mediterranean climate
  • Excellent for beginners, outdoor growing, and medical use


Chocolope Marijuana seeds


7: Chocolope

This is a strong sativa-dominant at 95% versus 5% indica. Its high THC concentration is excellent for those seeking relief from anxiety or to boost their appetite. And, anyone who is prone to paranoia or psychedelic responses needs to be cautious. Asthmatics have reported benefits from this strain. Its smoky and chocolate-like flavor attracts many pot users.

  • Feminized plants
  • Strong sativa dominant at 90%, indica 10%
  • Medium to high THC level around 19%
  • CBB levels are high
  • Tall plants up to more than 7 feet
  • Impressive yield at up to 32 ounces per three square feet
  • Does best in a sunny, Mediterranean climate
  • Excellent for medical use


Super silver haze cannabis seeds


6: Super Silver Haze

Super silver haze is an indica-dominant strain with an aroma of citrus, menthol, and pine. Its flavor includes a hint of eucalyptus as well as citrus and pine. Many like this strain for its creative and motivating effects, stimulation of the appetite, and tendency to raise your mood. This strain grows well outdoors, gives excellent yields, and is easy to grow.

  • Feminized plants
  • Indica-dominant at 90% to 10 sativa
  • Has a medium to high THC level of around 18%
  • Medium CBD levels
  • Grows up to 7 feet tall
  • Yield is high with about 19 ounces per three square feet
  • Grows best in the sun
  • Easy to grow outdoors




5: Amnesia Haze

This is a sativa-dominant strain at 80% versus 20% indica. It produces impressive THC levels in the 22% range but CBD levels lower than 1%. If you want to reduce anxiety, help alleviate depression, reduce fatigue, improve mood swings, reduce chronic pain, or help with migraine, this is a good strain to grow and use. Many love its fruity, fresh taste combined with a peppery, earthy, and sweet smell. It can give you a dry mouth and red eyes if you are prone to these effects. It grows well outdoors, produces great yields, and is easy to grow for beginners.

  • Feminized plants
  • Sativa dominant at 80% versus 20 indica
  • Excellent THC levels around 21%
  • Average or medium CBD levels
  • Tall plants up to nearly eight feet
  • Good yield of around 19 ounces per three square feet
  • Grows best in sunny locations
  • Excellent choice for beginners and outdoor growing


Strawberry Kush Strain


4: Strawberry Kush

If you are looking to grow a strain that is strong, sweet, and well-rounded, Strawberry Kush is an excellent choice. It gives you buds with as high as a 23% THC content. It is easy to grow outdoors and produces blossoms by eight weeks. In addition to a hint of strawberry, this strain gives you citrus and pine notes. Those looking for help stimulating their appetite or reducing stress will appreciate strawberry Kush.

  • Feminized plants
  • Indica-dominant at 75% to 25% sativa
  • Medium to high THC levels around 17% to 19%
  • Low levels of CBD
  • Excellent yield around 16 to 23 ounces per three square feet
  • Grows well in a temperate climate
  • Great outdoor plant and easy for beginners




3: Sour Diesel

This is a 90% sativa-dominant strain that provides a cerebral “high” and increased creativity. It works well for relieving depression, anxiety, and long-term fatigue. It is not a good strain to fighting insomnia. It is quite strong and has a mild lemon aftertaste. Sour diesel is an easy strain to grow outdoors and produces impressive yields.

  • Strongly sativa dominant at 90% sativa to 10% indica)
  • Great for creativity with an impressive high
  • Helps fatigue, depression, and anxiety
  • Likes a temperate climate
  • Impressive yields and good to grow outdoors, even for beginners


Northern lights seeds


2: Northern Lights

Northern lights is a pure indica strain with THC levels in the 16% to 21% range. CBD levels vary and are never very high. Folks use this strain for relaxing, dealing with insomnia, and increasing their appetites. With an earthy, sweet flavor and hints of citrus, Northern Lights is a very popular strain. Plus, it grows very well outdoors, producing excellent yields, even in the hands of beginners. Its resistance to mold and other plant infestations is excellent as well.

  • 100% indica strain
  • Sturdy, mold and disease-resistant plants
  • Yields are very good, best with feminized seeds
  • Best grown with lots of sunlight


Gold leaf strain


1: Gold Leaf

In our opinion, the best outdoor strain for high yield is Gold Leaf. This strain is relatively easy to cultivate, making it a good choice for beginners. You will get plants that can grow to more than seven feet in height and carry lots of really large buds. Gold Leaf flowers for a month to two months and commonly gives you as much as 28 ounces of bud per plant. You will get the best yield by waiting until early October to harvest.

Gold Leaf is inexpensive to grow and maintain. First of all, you are growing outdoors and don’t need all of the equipment that goes with an indoor operation. You will do a lot less pruning, watering, and feeding with your outdoor Gold Leaf plants. And, if you have a larger operation, you will need fewer workers for your impressive Gold Leaf harvest than if you were doing all of this indoors.

Gold Leaf is a potent cannabis strain. It is slightly indica-dominant at 60% versus 40% sativa. If you like a strong pot strain and want really impressive yields, this is the best outdoor strain for high yield for you.


Honorable Mention:

Blue Dream

White Widow

Critical Mass

Critical Kush



Skunk 1


Choosing the Best High Yield Outdoor Strains

When you want to grow your cannabis outdoors, take a little time to plan things out and you will be a lot happier when you harvest and enjoy your crop. Consider the growing conditions in your area and, specifically, where you intend to plant your crop. Choose strains for growing outdoors based on what strain you personally enjoy, how it will grow in your area, and the yield that you can expect. Some strains may produce an excellent yield but if that is not the one that you want, why bother? 




Think your way through the process of ordering seeds all of the way to curing and storing your buds. Make sure that you have taken care of issues like water if your growing season is dryer than expected, methods to control plant diseases and infestations, and plant food if your growing soil needs a little help. If you choose your strain wisely, plan well, and pay attention as you go, you can expect an excellent yield of your favorite strain when growing marijuana outdoors.

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