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Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Germination is the transformation of a seed to a plant; it is where your cannabis plants start their life. Therefore, it is important to germinate marijuana seeds in the right way to ensure a quality harvest. Marijuana seeds are available from various sources and have varied qualities. Germination of cannabis seeds Look for mature seeds …

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Cloning Cannabis

Cloning Cannabis Cloning marijuana is important for a successful garden and offers customization. You can choose your favorite varieties and grow them repeatedly. Cloning enables you to create numerous plants from just one plant to decrease your purchasing costs every season. Cloning is not an easy process, but it is not extremely difficult either. You …

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Victoria Cannabis Seeds

cannabis seeds in Victoria Located in southeastern Australia, Victoria is home to a fascinating temperate climate that’s ideal for growing certain cannabis strains. Unfortunately, Victorian home-growers are often put off from developing their green thumb due to Australia’s strong stance against weed. Although there have been changes in recent years, you might be afraid to …

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