Gorilla Glue Strain: Cannabis Review

Gorilla Glue Strain: Cannabis Review

Gorilla Glue Feminized Seeds

Here are some seeds for thought: the Gorilla Glue Strain is making a big name for itself in the cannabis community. Some claim that it is so called because it is said to make the brain of its users feel like glue (in a good way). Others say it gets its name from its ability to glue you to the couch (metaphorically speaking). 

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More specifically, the beauty behind this bud is its tremendously high level of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The average THC level in the gorilla glue cannabis strain ranges from about 27-32%. As a result, users experience a high that is both heady and happy, making it a favorite among those who suffer from chronic insomnia, inflammation, pain, depression, or nausea. Those who have encountered this strain compare its aromas to the earth right after it rains. As if this strain wasn’t already talked up enough, its also a multiple award winner, taking top prize at both the Cannabis Cup and the High Times Jamaican Cup.







Origin of Gorilla Glue Strain

Genetically speaking, this particular strain of cannabis is a perfect balance between Indica and Sativa. The Gorilla Glue Feminized has a composition of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, to be exact. It is created through the crossing of the cannabis classics Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb. Those who have provided a gorilla glue strain review state that this strain definitely picked up its potency and its pungent aromas from its parents.


Its origin story is an interesting one. This strain was accidentally created when a man by the name of Joesy Whales placed his Chem Sis plants near his Sour Dubb plants and they Chem Sis plants pollinated the Sour Dubb. Whales tossed out the strain because its creation was not his intention. However, his comrade named Mardogg kept some of the leftover seeds. A year or so later, Mardogg revivified the strain and it cross-pollinated with Chocolate Diesel, making it into the Gorilla Glue we have all come to know and love today.













Growing Gorilla Glue Seeds

Going to grow Gorilla Glue? There are some notable characteristics to look out for when growing this particular strain of cannabis.

What Climate Does This Strain Grow Best In?

When it is in its vegetative phase, growers should seek a temperature of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When the flowering stage commences, you may lower the temperature a bit to only as low ass 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It should remain at this same temperature and keep steady during the daytime. When it is nighttime, the temperature should ideally be dropped about 10 lower. The temperature should not fall any lower than this or the plants could become stunted or turn out less fruitful. Humidity is also important here. Both Gorilla Glue strain seeds and the baby plants require a relative humidity level of about 60%. Growers may start gradually lowering the humidity when plans enter their vegetative stage. When you believe your Gorilla Glue plants are going to begin their blooming phase, keep the relative humidity to be in between 40 and 45%. As time progresses, you may slowly begin to lower the overall humidity. Harvest time humidity can safely remain between 30-35%.

Feeding This Particular Strain

Keep in mind that Gorilla Glue may require more water than other cannabis plants. It should be watered quite often. Look into the general soil quality surrounding your plants before you begin to water, to ensure that you do not smother them or drown them. This train does not need as much food as it needs water. It is recommended to place these plants in a very high-quality organic soil. They will thrive in this type of conducive environment. Some people may choose to add additional nutrients to the soil by incorporating compost tea and/or worm castings.

When the seedlings are in their vegetative phase, the plant’ nitrogen level should stay high. An abundant crop will follow if you keep the nitrogen level high with this specific strain. Potassium is also recommended to be added during the development stage of this plant’s growth cycle.

When the Gorilla Glue plants start to bloom (yay!) you may reduce the overall nitrogen levels a bit as they will no longer need as much. This is when increasing potassium and phosphorus levels are an absolute must. Other micro-nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and sulfur should be incorporated so that you get some fat, juicy buds when the crop comes in full. To ensure that you get a comprehensive supply of nutrients, check out ILGM’s specialized nutrient collection.

Flowering & Yield: What Is The Indoor/Outdoor Yield?

People who choose to cultivate Gorilla Glue have claimed that when conditions are ideal, indoor crops can abound up to 19 ounces per square meter. The indoor flowering time is 9 weeks or even less. When growing outside, you can expect a yield of up to a whopping 21 ounces per plant. Mid-October is prime time for harvesting your gorilla glue strain yield.


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Experiencing The Gorilla Glue Strain

This heavy handed hybrid is sure to give you that longed for whole body high and a strong sense of euphoria. Its bulky, resin laden buds truly pack a punch. Though this hybrid is completely balanced in its composition, users report more sativa like effects. It is an extremely powerful strain of cannabis. The average THC content of 30% can be credited with the profound euphoric effects users experience. As the high provided by this strain progresses, the body will begin to feel like its humming and couch lock will ensue. The effects brought about by Gorilla Glue often culminate in a heavy sleep.

Gorilla Glue Taste & Smell

The tastes of this strain resemble that of its parents. It is sweet, chocolatey, and coffee-like in its aftertaste. However, the scent it gives off is an amalgamation of sour and sweet. As a result, most have described it as being earthy and pungent. Users mainly note its cerebral and euphoric effects. Medically, it has been used to combat pain and other adverse conditions like insomnia. The negative effects reported from use of this strain have mainly been dry mouth.

Buy Gorilla Glue Seeds

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