Cloning Cannabis

Cloning Cannabis

Cloning marijuana
is important for a successful garden and offers customization. You can choose your favorite varieties and grow them repeatedly. Cloning enables you to create numerous plants from just one plant to decrease your purchasing costs every season. Cloning is not an easy process, but it is not extremely difficult either.

You can achieve your desired results with effort, time and diligence. The cloning process is straightforward. All you need to do is create a copy from a piece you cut off the mother plant. This piece will grow roots by itself and become nearly identical to the mother plant.

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Cloning is effective, fast and the most economical method for creating cannabis plants of superior quality. The clone will have the identical qualities and characteristics of the mother plant. When a female plant is cloned, you know your new plant will also be female. You will grow superior cannabis every time.

If there are qualities your favorite cannabis plant has you like, you can grow dozens of clones. You can indefinitely re-create your favorite marijuana plants. Once you cut off a piece of your plant, roots will grow from the stem and mature. There are different guidelines and methods for cloning.

The idea is to repeatedly grow the highest quality cannabis plants. You will need healthy plants and the supplies listed below.

  • Healthy mother plant
  • High-profile alcohol to disinfect your tools
  • Cloning powder or gel
  • Humidity dome and a heating mat are optional
  • Scissors, razor or scalpel
  • Mild light
  • Starter cubes


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There are two methods to grow marijuana, from cuttings or pot seeds. Growing from seeds requires time for germination. You should see your plants sprouting anywhere from a few days to weeks. You will save money and time using clones to grow marijuana. Simply cut off a piece of a mature plant, plant it, and wait for it to take root.

Cloning makes the process faster since the germination process is eliminated. This means you will save time. You also save money because you no longer have to buy seeds. Simply find your healthiest and favorite mother plant with good genetics and take your cuttings. Make certain you are using a plant with great genetics.

You will know your plant will be female since your cuttings came from your feminized mother plant. To ensure you receive optimal quality, clone your mother plant no more than three or four times. Every time you grow a plant from a cutting, the odds of growing cannabis hermaphrodites will increase.

Clone in moderation for the best possible chance of growing excellent marijuana strains. To get started, you need to set up a grow room and trim your cuttings. Grab your tools and look for the highest quality cannabis plant you have. If you want to eliminate the seed germination process and ensure an early harvest, cloning is your best option.

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Cloning provides you with a cannabis tree with good genetics, an abundant yield and superior quality with less effort and time. The best benefit of cloning cannabis is you get exactly what you desire. You can never be certain what you will get when you buy seeds.

Even if you purchase your seeds from a reputable bank, you can never be positive you received the strain you were charged for. The types of phenotypes you will grow are not really guaranteed. Even planting seeds from the same strain will grow plants with slight differences including potency, effects and size.

If you enjoy this gamble, great. If you do not enjoy the risk, you can receive exactly what you desire when you want it with cloning. By locating the ideal mother plant and taking cuttings, you are guaranteed your plants will be uniform and strong. The best way to produce an exact copy of your mother plant is through cuttings.

You are ensured superior quality with every generation. You can even use a few good varieties to experiment. Cuttings increase your harvest by enabling multiple harvests. Since you have eliminated the germination stage, more harvests can be produced due to the time you saved.

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If you are growing your plants outside, you can get an extra marijuana harvest every year before winter arrives. If you are growing your plants indoors, you can get an additional harvest and constant cycle of babies and mothers growing inside. Either way, cuttings are the most efficient method to achieve an extra harvest every year.

Cuttings remove the guesswork from growing cannabis. Using cuttings as opposed to seeds offers a lot of benefits. This is the reason dedicated growers prefer cuttings over seeds. You need to allow time to understand the process but cloning is definitely worth the diligence, effort and time necessary for excellent marijuana trees every time.


You should be cautious when you choose a mother plant to clone. There are numerous considerations because your clone will be exactly like your mother plant. You need to decide exactly what you wish to grow before selecting a mother plant. You should base your decision on the characteristics you desire most.

This includes quality, aroma, flavor and yield. Your mother plant needs to be healthy and sanitary, with no unhealthy characteristics including signs of bugs, disease, nutrient deficiencies, stress or curling leaves. Look for a plant with a nice color and a good size.

Your most important consideration when cloning is finding the most superior and highest quality cannabis tree you have. Remember your clone will be identical to the parent. To avoid growing a tree with inferior quality and a lot of negative qualities and characteristics, you must make a wise choice.


Once you decide to clone your marijuana tree, know you made an intelligent decision. The first thing you will need to begin is a mother plant to get your cutting from. Choose a mother plant with superior quality and the very best you have. You will then require sharp razors or scissors.

You need these tools to take your cutting, for trimming and defoliation. You can save some work by using a pair of shears with a little spring. You should spend the money to purchase this kind of shears. You need starter cubes for placing your clones and a cloning powder or gel.

Although you will need grow lights, make certain they are not overly strong. You can find models specifically designed for seedlings and clones. Conduct research and make inquiries to make certain you choose the best kind of grow lights for your cuttings. You can purchase a humidity dome but it is optional and not required.


Start by disinfecting your tools and making certain everything you need is set out and ready.

Step One: Cutting Your Marijuana Plant

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You need to get your cuttings from your mature mother plant. If you are unsure if your plant is ready for cloning, look closely at the leaves. If the leaves are not connecting at the same exact point on the stem or alternate, you have a plant ready for cloning.

Step Two

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Your cuttings need to be soaked in water for a few minutes in your starter cubes. Only a few minutes is necessary. Find a spot with a new top and branching, then make your cut from this area. Use a 45-degree angle to cut from the new branch and growth. Your cuttings need to be between five and eight inches long.

Your clones should be taken from new tips located on the bottom half of your plant because there are more rooting hormones than on the upper branches. This will ensure faster growth of your roots. Your clones can be taken from anywhere on your plant and will grow well if the end has a nice growth tip.

Make certain you only cut off a small part of your marijuana plant. New roots will begin to grow from the cuts you have made.

Step Three

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Immediately place your clones into the water to stop the bubbles from getting into your stem.

Step Four

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All large lower leaves need to be trimmed from your cutting. If your fan leaves are large, trim those as well. Leaves help stop your clones from becoming overexcited when turning light into food. The idea is to get your plant to focus on the roots above everything else.

Roots will be made by your cuttings because they were placed in plain water. Some growers use cloning products and others rooting hormones to help the clones root quicker but this is not required.

Step Five: Using Powder

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If you are using rooting products, your cuttings need to be immediately dipped into the rooting powder or gel. This will set off the bubbles and provide your cuttings with everything necessary to begin forming roots immediately. Make certain the product coats your entire cutting.

Next, place your new clone into a moist starter cube. Press on the bottom to make certain the entire root area is sealed.

Step Six

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You do not need a humidity dome to create the correct conditions. You can use this kind of device for more practical successful cloning. All you have to do to ensure your clones take root is to follow the steps explained in this guide. If you follow the directions and allow enough time, 100 percent of your cuttings will take root.

Step Seven

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You need to understand how to take proper care of your clones. Clones prefer wet and warm conditions. Receiving water immediately through the leaves will enable your roots to begin forming. This is when a humidity dome makes the process easier. Your cuttings should be misted several times each day until you see roots forming.

Keep your room temperature between 72 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Some growers do not use any artificial lights for one or two days to give the clones time to settle. Other growers provide light from the beginning. Leave your clones in a bright and warm area for the first one to two days.

If you use a grow light, it needs to be fairly weak as opposed to a strong type of lighting. Never give new clones 24 hours of solid light. Dark periods are necessary for between or your rooting process will slow. Watch your clones closely until they are established and begin to take root.

Led Grow Lights

Full-strength light should not be used for your clones for 10 days, with the first three to four days being especially important. You do not need a lot of constant and strong light from the start because your clone’s focus is on creating roots. Using cheap fluorescent or CFL grow lights such as T5 is ideal for cloning.

For starter cubes, you will know your clones require a transplant when the roots come through the bottom of your cubes. Never forget your new clones are still weak. Treat your clones as gently as you would seedlings until you see vigorous growth. After one to two weeks, your clones should be bigger with faster growth because there is no germination process.

If you have never cloned before, you need to be patient. You need to provide your clones with constant conditions and wait long enough for your cuttings to take root. Your clones can root in as little as seven days or require two weeks but 100 percent will take root.


  • Keep your clone’s leaves moist.
  • If you see excessive mist, you need to open your vents even more.
  • Even though your clones will take root, you might need to provide some extra help at certain times.
  • You can use any kind of mild nutrients for your new clones.
  • You can increase phosphorus levels by providing your new clones with the appropriate nitrogen level.
  • When using cloning powder or gel, proper storage is necessary.
  • When using a humidity dome, everything is automated. Otherwise, manually check your plants to ensure the correct moisture level at all times.
  • It is important to look for mold when a humidity dome is used.
  • If you do not have a humidity dome, your clones need to be misted a couple of times every day.
  • If you do not have a humidity dome, you will require ample vents for expelling the air.
  • In addition to cloning powder or gel, an extremely mild nutrient solution is necessary for your clones. Monitor them closely because the leaves are only capable of absorbing an extremely small amount of nutrients.

Using Gel

Gel has hormones to help your clones take root. You can buy gels online or at garden shops. Gels are recommended as opposed to powders because your plants will receive an even coating. You need to store your rooting gel or powder in a cool and dark place. Do not use any package you received without a proper seal.

If you have accidentally dropped anything into your product contamination is likely. Simply throw it away. Your cuttings should come from a healthy cannabis plant with superior quality. The plant needs to be fully mature or it might be unsuitable for cloning and fail to take root.


Before cutting off your clone, make certain your plant is ready. Cloning your plant while being in the vegetative state for two to three months is recommended. For quicker flowering, take your cuttings from the bottom of your plant. The lower half of your plant has more hormones than the upper half.

Using cuttings taken from the bottom of your tree will enable your clone to flower almost immediately. You should prepare your mother plant for cloning by providing additional nitrogen for about one week before taking your cutting. You can save money and time by taking more clones than you are going to need.

Extra cuttings are recommended just in case some of your cuttings do not root. You should also transplant or plant several cuttings since you will have additional options in the event one of your cuttings fail to take root. You need to be aware any cutting taken from a flowering plant will grow differently toward the beginning.

This is normal and nothing to be concerned about. The reason is your cuttings should come from marijuana plants in the vegetative state. This will ensure your clones can achieve roots quicker. If your cutting comes from a flowering plant, your best option is to make your cut on the bottom of the mother plant.

All visible buds need to be pinched away immediately. Other than that, treat your new clones exactly the same as your would your seedlings.


Yes because you have control of everything including the plant genetics, color and size. This means the quality of your clones will be exactly the same as the mother plant.

Your cutting can take root in just seven days or require as long as three weeks.

Yes because you no longer have to buy seeds. One cannabis plant can be used to create numerous clones.

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