Buy Cannabis Seeds Western Australia

Buy Cannabis Seeds Western Australia

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Using cannabis for recreation purposes is illegal through the Narcotic drug amendment 2018. There are many cannabis strains, but the cannabis plant consists of two significant pieces. The strains are either pure or hybrid plants, which are the genus of the cannabis plant.

Some states in Australia allow the planting of cannabis for medical purposes. As a farmer, you need to buy have the best cannabis seeds. There are different stores in Western Australia where you can purchase. The cannabis law in west Australia has different states that have cannabis laws. Some regions allow the purchase of cannabis seeds; while others are do n allowed it.

Cannabis Seeds Western Australia

Is Buying Cannabis Seeds Legal in Western Australia?

The law about the legalization of cannabis keeps evolving around the globe. Cannabis has proven to have more medical benefits. This benefit has given cannabis approval in different states. Under the misuse of drug act 1981, planting of cannabis to sell or supplying is illegal.

Illegal planting of cannabis is punishable by a sentence of two years imprisonment. You can also get a fine of up to $100000. The punishment is varying from who the cannabis supplier is selling. Selling cannabis will also affect your job and travel opportunities. Australia has an assumption that anyone that plants over 20 plants of cannabis has the aim of supplying.

Although the law is against the planting of cannabis, a person or company can apply for a cannabis planting license. Even if cultivating cannabis is not legalized, planting less than five cannabis plants for personal use. Western Australia is looking forward to legalizing two plants of cannabis for personal use.


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Companies are also allowed to plant cannabis. Planting of cannabis must be for medicinal purposes. For you to get a license there are some rules you need to follow before license application. These rules include:

  • The first step is to have a suitable cultivating location.
  • Have perfect security in the location.
  • Have all the facilities to cultivate cannabis.
  • The person cultivating should not have a severe offense for the past.

Plating of cannabis is strict under the Narcotic drug act 1967. The cannabis law in Western Australia keeps on changing. Hence, it is safe to keep on checking the cannabis law in west Australia. After getting a cannabis cultivating license, it is time to get the source of the cannabis seed in Western Australia. For you to get authorization to buy cannabis seeds, you need to have medical proof.

Although it illegal to buy cannabis seeds as an individual, consider buying seeds as adult novelty items or souvenirs. Cannabis seeds are not sold in any shop. One of the cheapest ways is buying cannabis seed online in Australia.

How Are Cannabis Seeds Shipped to Australia?

After all the stress of trying to be a licensed cannabis cultivator, you deserve a reliable seed supply source. is an online store that will help you ship cannabis seeds to Australia. The site has been in business for the past 25 years. Thus, they have all the experience needed to ship your seeds.

I love growing marijuana has a reputable selling auto-flowering and feminized cannabis seeds. The online store has a stock of any cannabis seed available in Australia. The site offers free delivery to residents living in Australia and the USA at large.

The site has special offers for its customers. I love growing marijuana sell cannabis seeds with a guarantee to germinate. Buy Cannabis Seeds with the site and start successful cannabis cultivation.

The best Cannabis Seeds to buy in Australia

I love growing marijuana online store offers a variety of seed. Buy cannabis seeds from the store and enjoy the best strain quality. The best seed available in the store include:

Gorilla glue strain

This strain is resistant to diseases, making it the best outdoor cultivation product in the Australian climate. The strain helps in reducing stress and sleep. The product cost is $99-$199 depending on the quantity.

White window feminized strain

This strain is the best for beginners. The product is best for mental stimulation. White window cost is $89- $119. The strain can grow in different climates

Super skunk auto flower strain

If a person wants to be in a good mood, the super skunk is the strain to use. I love growing marijuana has one of the easy to germinate cannabis seeds in Western Australia. The seed can cost is $89-$ 189.

Girls scout cookie strain

Girls scout cookie strain has a high resistance to the pest. Use this strain to reduce stress. The strain ranges cost is $109-$119.

All the above strain and more are available on To order the seeds visit the seed to start successful cannabis cultivation. But cannabis seeds in western Australia online.

Make sure to cultivate cannabis legally. Illegal planting of cannabis is punishable by the narcotic drug law.

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