Beginner’s Cannabis Grow Guide for Australians

Beginner’s Cannabis Grow Guide for Australians

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You’ve designed your growing area to perfection, and you’ve found the seeds of your favorite strain – but how do you actually get them to grow?

You might be concerned that Oz is too hot to grow weed, or that it will take too much time. However, with the right knowledge you’ll be growing perfect plants in no time! Cultivating your own weed has a range of benefits that make it worthwhile – you’re in charge of your own supply, you can choose your own strains, and can really tailor your crop to your needs.

This handy guide will take you through everything you should know, from selecting the right setup to caring for your fully fledged plants. With detailed instructions to take you through every step, this grow bible has all the advice you need to get a quality crop.

9 Step Beginner’s Guide To Growing Cannabis In Australia

Tailoring your set-up to your needs is key, and it’s a lot easier than you might think. Whether you’re just starting out, or know your White Widow from your Gorilla Glue, this 9 step guide will help you to grow weed in Australia the right way.

1. Choosing Indoor or Outdoor Cultivation

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Indoor Cultivation

Indoor cultivation is a more discreet option, and is easier to start than you might think! There are several different methods to choose from, so you can tailor everything to your space. Being able to control the environment to protect your plants means you won’t have to worry about the weather, either!

Using soil is a simple way to cultivate your own weed, but hydroponic systems allow you to monitor all the nutrients your plant receives, and even lower the risk of mold!

If you’re looking for the highest yield possible, indoor cultivation might not be for you – unless you’ve got a large amount of free grow room. You should ensure you have a good light source for your plants to help them grow as big as possible, and a water pump if you decide to try hydroponics.

Outdoor Cultivation

Many growers prefer an outdoor environment for their plants, because it can encourage them to grow bigger, and produce a larger yield. You don’t have to put your plants in an incredibly warm area, but you do need to a choose a space that gets several hours of sunlight a day, which will encourage those shoots to grow!

You also want to consider how discreet your plot is. Cannabis cultivation in your own garden is more convenient, but if it’s fairly small or crowded, you may want to reconsider.

If you do decide to plant elsewhere, make sure you choose a place where hikers won’t accidentally discover anything! You also need to choose a place with good rainfall and sunlight exposure.


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